About Tidal Ginger Beer


 Tidal Ginger Beer is coming soon to a restaurant, bar, or retail location near you. The smooth and spicy soft drink made with fresh ginger has been popping up in Tampa Bay's favorite locations.

A pair of local entrepreneurs have been working on the project since early 2022, tweaking and developing the recipe to bring Tidal to life. Patrick Bennetts and Craig Vogeley, the local duo behind Tidal, were in works with 3 Daughters Brewing for nearly 18 months to craft the perfect recipe, tweaking the original recipe little by little to get a perfectly-balanced drink that goes down smooth and finishes with the trademark ginger bite.

The key, of course, is using real ginger, as opposed to the ginger extract or flavoring like nearly every other ginger beer on the market. In fact, the second entry on the ingredient list after carbonated water is real ginger. No fake flavorings, just real ginger plus a few natural ingredients mixed into bubbly water, resulting in a deliciously balanced beverage with about half the sugar content of most ginger beers and sodas. That commitment to the real product is part of why Tidal ended up partnering with 3 Daughters, as they required a great local and reliable partner for a project that is so hands on. Tidal available at many locations in the Tampa Bay area (and expanding into other areas of Florida), where it is served either on its own or as part of a cocktail or mocktail.  Tidal is the only product in the 3 Daughters tasting room that isn’t a strictly 3 Daughters creation, though they certainly had a hand in its development.

Bennetts, Vogeley and the 3 Daughters team went through multiple iterations and taste tests as they worked to brew a beverage that perfectly balanced the aroma and spice of ginger, while still remaining approachable and refreshing. The end result, appropriately, was an experience akin to a spring day on the beach in St. Pete – one part heat, two parts refreshing relaxation.
For the moment, Tidal is available in the original ginger beer recipe, and soon they plan to launch more flavors such as blueberry, hibiscus, and tropical. They are also in development with 3 Daughters on RTD (ready to drink) canned ginger beer cocktails, which will be lower ABV, sessionable cocktails meant to be the perfect complement to relaxing days in the Florida sun.
Feedback from local bars and retail stores, Bennetts and Vogeley say, has been fantastic, as several early adopters already have customers asking for it by name. And indeed, while Tidal is great on its own, it makes an excellent mixer for restaurant bars and home bars alike. Long term, owners plan to scale production and begin distributing throughout Florida and into other states.